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On 06-10-2007 a fire devastated parts of our premises. We are not naive enough to say ”it won’t happen to us again”.
We have therefore made a major investment in improving safety. If it was to happen again, there would be minimal damage and customers would not be affected.

The following safety systems are now in place:

- automatic fire alarms linked to the emergency services
- firewalls that section off all equipment
- water sprinklers that protect all equipment
- fire separation measures that control doors and gates electronically
- authorization system for different parts of the building that provides full control of where staff are located
- emergency plan and collaborative partners if the worst was to happen

Central fire alarm unit directly linked to Varberg Fire Service.
Door monitoring panel for functional inspection of fire doors.
We check our electrical equipment using thermocameras. This enables us to detect faults before they affect us.

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