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AB Heurlins Lackering

The company was started in 1945 by Stig Heurlin.

A bit of history:

During the Second World War there was a shortage of crude rubber in Sweden. At the end of the war large quantities of crude rubber began to arrive. Some of it was used to make heads for dolls, and these were hand-painted at Heurlins Lackering. Heurlins also painted road signs and bicycles for a company in Värnamo.

In the early 1950s Heurlins began painting for Volvo. It involved parts for the heater unit for private cars and at that time it was carried out manually. Manufacture of number plates for private cars was another niche. Heating controls were assembled along with cable harnesses and bonnet catch controls. A new assembly shop was built in 1964.
In 1965 Heurlins first conveyor dipping line was installed, supplied by Electro Helios. It contained one dipping tank with red primer and one dipping tank with black top coat. For the time it was a really ”high tech” line.

In 1973 the first automatic painting plant was purchased from Binks / Bullows. ( L-2 ) It was used to paint parts for Volvo’s 240 series such as dashboards, sunroofs and wells, as well as parts for Sweda cash registers. Assembly of the dashboard for the 240 series was carried out in what was then our assembly shop.

One of Volvo’s requirements was that an additional wet painting line (L-3) was constructed in order to guarantee deliveries. In conjunction with this a new washing plant was also constructed.

Bulk painting of nails started in the 1950s when there was a need to paint the nails used in telephone clips. These were needed to route telephone lines into all homes.

1987 - a new nail painting plant was constructed.

1988-89 - Volvo Lastvagnar ”arrived” at Heurlins and a new pre-treatment plant was built. The German company Eisenmann was selected as supplier. A new purifying plant and a detergent section were also built.

1995 Heurlins’ first powder plant, M-6.
1996 The current owner purchased the company.
1999 A new plastic box was added to M-6 that cut in half the time it took to change colour.
2000 ED coating plant from Imel.
2002 Powder coating plant W7 with plastic box from Wagner.
2005 New concrete warehouse.
2006 Power coating plant S8 with plastic box from Wagner.
2007-10-06 The company suffered a fire. Reconstruction has been governed by safety features and prevention of any repeat.

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